Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Make the Bees Hum...

There are lots of ways to make instruments with children. We do something like this once a week, generally Wednesday's, but sometimes Thursday's with Science day. This idea, along with many others, comes from a book called, Making Musical Instruments with Kids. I highly recommend it. The best part about a reference sort of book is that you pick the book, they pick the activity and then it's still inspiring because you are NOT requiring!
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Friday, September 4, 2009

How to use a snack while traveling...

Keep plenty of snacks on hand...

A bag of skittles can go a long way; and NEVER underestimate the power of baby food.

Kids love games. Always have, always will. You can make a 1/2 hour of good fun if you are willing to have your kids race to eat baby food off your big toes. There are many versions to this type of entertainment. Don't feel limited by a Cheerio. Even Cheerios have great potential.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to Have an Art Party

The difference between doing art, and having an art party is this: MORE PEOPLE

Kids do great being inspired by each other. Not in a competitive way. But, if you want your children to sit down and do art, invite some older kids, good ones, that will want to do art with you. It is SOOOO fun.

When their mommy came home we had an art museum in our foyer!

Another awesome way I have been wanting to do this is having an Art Share. Get the neighborhood kids together and have them bring their best/favorite art matted on black poster board. Make a display throughout the downstairs of your home. Invite the grown ups, have everyone dress up fancy, serve hors d'eurves and play classical music. Everyone enjoys each others art, and the children have an opportunity to share their ideas and works. I will do this SOON!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to Make the Hardest Choice...

I do not presume to know the answer to this 'how to', but I have to take this opportunity to elude to a terrible problem we have among mothers. When we struggle, we feed each other 'victim' food. Then, we tear down the so-called 'perpetrators', instead of building them up. There is no Christian wisdom in this habit we have as women. Allow me to explain.

Today, I was at Ulta, buying my sister her birthday present. 'It took a lot of effort to get there with all 3 kids, and Norah had just had her 6 month shots, etc....' (this is how we elude to our victimization)... STOP HERE. Now, allow me to rephrase this: When I was at Ulta today buying my sister's birthday present, the woman at the cash register said, " Oh, what beautiful children... THREE and Another on the way?!!" (The woman looked at me and thought I was pregnant)

This REALLY hurt my feelings. Really hurt. I, ofcourse, am feeling dissatisfied with my physical appearance at the moment and it really cut deep. I really wanted to cry, crawl in a hole and give up.


#1) I could call my husband, my friends, whoever and tell them my sad tale of woe. I can set the whole story up as it truly was explaining why her comment totally destroyed my self-esteem. I can then rip apart the character of the kind woman who said that to me. I can call her an idiot for assuming I was pregnant when I already had three kids. I could say LOTS and LOTS of un-Christian but "true" things to "make me feel better". YEAH RIGHT!!!


#2) I could pray. I could view myself the way God does, realizing appearances DO NOT matter. I could know within myself that I really am doing the best I can to care for my body, or if I am not, set some reasonable goals to help ME feel better about MYSELF. Rather than proving to this woman I don't know that I am not pregnant, because it does not matter to her.
Then, THIS IS KEY, my best friend would remind me of exactly what I just wrote, remind me to not be vain, and tell me that to God, I am fine just the way I am. My BEST friend would not FEED my victimization by saying "oh poor you". My BEST friend would not feel it necessary to cut down this poor woman who is probably suffering worse than I feeling guilty because I said, "no i don't" sweetly. My BEST friend would remind me that I am beautiful and to not care for the world who maketh flesh his arm. She would remind me to be grateful for what I DO have.

THIS choice (#2), leaves you feeling joyful and with the spirit. The other choice leads you to break at least three commandments, but probably more, + feeling horrible about yourself. So, why is it such a hard choice to make?

I have a lot of friends.

How many BEST friends do we have? Are you a BEST friend to those around you?

Think about it.

I realize now what it means to be a best friend.

Monday, June 8, 2009

How to Inspire Yourself... ( I am NOT an octopus)

Each person is different, but all mom's need little motivations to help them along their journey of a day.

Let's face it. It's tough to get through those awful mundane moments of chaos, when no one is there to give face to.

Here is my personal limerick which sums up the need for this inspiration:

There once was a woman name me
Her children, she had only three
But arms she had two
So all she could do
Was hope that they'd take turns to pee.

Since I am NOT an octopus, and have limited patience due to the natural man, I now have created for myself a reminder list... soon to be made into vinyl lettering.

Be Greatful.

Don't Worry.

Be Present.

Don't Hurry.

Laugh Often.

Love Much.

Say Less.

More Touch.

Be Patient.

Don't Stress.

Give More.

Spend Less.

These are the antidotes to my most prevalent weaknesses that ooze out to destroy the tranquility of my day. In summary, have faith Jannah!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to Make a Lily... with your Hand

Some tissue flowers require A LOT of tissue and time. This one, is quick and adds the element of sentimental value, with very little tissue needed. Or you can use paper.

The petals are simply tissue cut-outs of your handprint. Or, the handprint of those you love.

The stem is simply a wooden BBQ skewer.

They make a great bouquet... OR a great magic wand!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Make Banana Soup

Some fresh bananas with local honey... squooshed and smeared to gooey delight, then add:

pure peanut butter with crumbled up lightly salted Quaker rice cakes, and: Presto!

Fresh Banana Soup.

Invented at lunch by Callie consuming Norah's baby food (mashed bananas) instead of feeding her. Lesson learned. ;)
Callie proclaimed: "This is the best stuff on earth!"

So, I brought in the hearty additives that baby can't have.
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